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What Jon's Clients Are Saying!

Happy Customers

"In this competitive market , it’s essential to work with an agent who is not only an expert in real estate, but one who has seasoned expertise in the local area and a good network of resources to help navigate the transaction. We are super grateful that Jon represented us for our recent purchase. With over 25 years of experience, Jon is not only a well respected and knowledgeable professional , he is also a  great communicator to all parties in order to get to a successful closing . We encountered a few hurdles during our purchase and Jon was quick to act to come up with solutions and answers to questions. We specially appreciated the human that Jon is and ultimately that is what we all need in  life , a good human to work with ! We look forward to working with him again soon."

Bobby and Neda Saraf



Jon Mahoney is that special realtor who goes above and beyond expectations.

Jon represented us when my wife and I listed our SB house for sale in 2020. We had done very little work on the property since we moved in 19 years before. Jon helped us to identify and resolve the repairs and improvements that would support a higher selling price. He recommended subcontractors and even supervised them on our behalf. Midway through the process, we decided we didn't want to spend time and money on cosmetic alterations, which we figured would likely be redone by the next owner, so we pivoted and asked Jon to find us a buyer for the property "as-is". 

Once again, Jon rose to the occasion and matched our property with a buyer who preferred to make those improvements himself. We closed quickly and remain grateful to Jon for kindly and professionally supporting us through the entire transaction.

We recommend Jon Mahoney to anyone seeking representation on either side of a real estate transaction.  

Joel Dee


"It's a difficult task to sum up the immense value that was added to our home buying process by having Jon work on our behalf. We started working with Jon eleven months before closing on our home. Four of those months were prior to our move to Santa Barbara. During the entire experience, Jon treated us as valued clients. He was always willing to discuss potential opportunities and he never hesitated to give us his candid advice (which ultimately always ended up being spot on). During our eleven month process we submitted offers on several homes, went into escrow twice and in the end we got our dream home atop the Mesa. Throughout the process we enjoyed getting to know Jon and consider him an invaluable friend that helped us learn the ropes around SB and settle into our Riviera rental once we arrived in town. From helping us line up swim lessons for our son to showing us some of the best eateries and entertainment venues around town, Jon was and still is our first call for any and all information on the Santa Barbara area. 

In regards to negotiating our successful purchase, Jon’s knowledge/experience and his confident recommendations helped us to make decisions that ultimately awarded us a beautiful home in one of the most competitive and sought after areas of Santa Barbara. In escrow Jon’s long rolodex of service providers, inspectors and contractors kept us moving along swiftly, achieving our 30 day close which I would have thought impossible when we first went under contract. I can say with confidence if it wasn’t for Jon along with Sergey and all they have done and continue to help us with we most likely would still be renting and would probably be renting for the foreseeable future. Jon and his team helped us scale what seemed like an insurmountable task of buying a home in the Santa Barbara market and I am confident in my recommendation that he is the best choice in town for helping others achieve their home buying goals as well."

Michael & Lexine Yurcho, M.D.

Department of Surgery Cottage Health


 Pisaro Family for Jon Mahoney

 It would be a challenge to overestimate my gratitude to Jon and the impact he has had on my family's life. From the moment I first spoke to him on the phone about the house we bought (July, 2021) to the present (February, 2022), Jon has not eased up on the accelerator. He is a freight train of energy and a real estate powerhouse, with a sharp intelligence, persistence and ferocity that is frightening. I'm sure glad he was in my corner. I will probably never look for another real estate agent for as long as I live.

Jon told me exactly what to do to get our bid accepted, and stuck with us through an intensely complicated conservatorship/foreclosure transaction that ended with our dream house purchase in Santa Barbara - at about a million dollar discount to the market value of the property, no less! 

Jon organized all the pre-purchase inspections, and even negotiated an additional 100K off the purchase price despite the fact that the discount reduced his commission. Who does that?  Jon made sure through his influence and reputation that the foreclosure auction, originally scheduled for the day after our closing, did not take place. He worked every aspect of the deal. 

And then ... instead of handing me the keys and moving on to another prospective client, Jon continued to help us by negotiating the contract for the renovation, finding the contractors, overseeing the project, bugging the GC to get the work done, making regular visits to monitor progress, and finally taking over the management of the property. 

The only complaint I have has to do with the tricks he plays to pay for dinners. Must be an ego thing. I wanted to celebrate with the people that helped make the project such a huge success in my mind, so I invited Jon and some others out to a swanky dinner place, fully intending to pick up the check no matter what. No problem, right? Well, Jon told the waiter not to give me the check because I don't tip!! I DO tip, but Jonny's little maneuver to take away the one thing I was looking forward to doing to show my appreciation worked, the waiter didn't even consider giving me the check and I'm sure it was close to $1000. 

So if you want to buy Jon a dinner, you got to turn the tables on him and let the waiter know that Jon's tips make a miser look munificent. I expect he'll be editing this testimonial a little bit.

Mark Pisaro 



"From day one Team Mahoney went above and beyond in their stellar marketing of our home!  We have never had a group with such cohesive teamwork.  Jon, Jessica, Sergey, and Buster were amazing support throughout the whole process.  Thanks to their tactful and detailed execution we had a buyer for our home in one week from the first open house!  Jon navigated a double deal, acting as buying and selling agent, in a very diplomatic and unbiased manner.  Even after the purchase of our new home Team Mahoney has been fully available to aid us in any questions we may have.  We fully recommend Team Mahoney!!!"

Laird & Jackie Jones


"We are so so excited to be finally moved into our beautiful new house!! We love it so much and can't wait to settle in and get fully unpacked. 

Thank you to Jon Mahoney for all his hard work in selling our old house and getting us this one - you did an awesome job and we are so appreciative."

John & Anna Cottle



"I'm not going to lie...writing this letter wasn't easy.  I wanted it to be believable but the truth is, what Jon did for our family was close to unbelievable.

Throughout a contentious trust real estate sale in Santa Barbara, Jon was the Energizer bunny that just kept pushing through.  He's intelligent, knowledgeable, creative and funny but, most of all, a great listener.  And he never gives up.  That was important to us so it became important to Jon.

Jon helped us in ways above and beyond what a traditional real estate agent would do and I am forever grateful that my very dear friend recommended him.

If you want your home sold in a professional and respectful manner, you're going to want to call Jon.  You won't regret it...I know I never will."

Most sincerely,

Annette M. Bennett



"After the sale of my very first property, I was unsure of what my next steps would be. Should I pay the capital gains tax and keep the proceeds? Buy another investment property? Are their tax advantages or penalties to be aware of? These questions can be overwhelming! I had been an acquaintance of Jon’s for some time and asked for his opinion. While not even my realtor yet, Jon confidently educated me on my options and shared the advantages of a 1031 Reverse Exchange. Jon was thorough, detail-oriented, patient and inspired me to envision opportunities I had not considered for myself. His staff was friendly, accurate and responsive. Upon finding the perfect duplex investment property, Jon’s network of reputable, highly experienced contractors and vendors are helping me to complete quality renovations in record time. From start to finish, this transaction was effortless. Jon saw to it that we were on time, on budget and all of my goals were met. Not only did we complete my 1031 Reverse Exchange well before the 45 day cut-off, but I felt comfortable and happy every step of the way. Jon has exceeded my expectations with his get it done attitude, tireless work ethic, and most importantly, his kind demeanor. Jon Mahoney is a man of integrity and is deserving of his impeccable reputation. I will be referring him to friends and family for years to come!"

Paige Beard



"Jon Mahoney came to us after our house had been listed for a year by another agent without result. He made a really good presentation and convinced us to let him market our house. Jon helped us get the house ready for sale, and he found us a buyer only 2 weeks after we listed. He really is a "Full Service" as he claimed to be. Jon put on his jeans and really worked when we needed help with preparing the house, and when we moved. When there was a serious delay in the escrow process, Jon went to bat for us and got the deal closed in time so we could go on a long-planned trip. Words can't express our appreciation for all that he did for us, we now count Jon among our circle of friends. We heartily recommend Jon Mahoney to anyone who has a luxury home for sale! "

Gordon & Verna Smith

Montecito, CA


"My husband and I bought our very first home with Jon. We feel he truly had our back and was a complete stud in getting us the absolute best deal. He really fought for us and made sure that no stone was left unturned. Jon cares deeply for his clients and understands all the steps it takes to get someone exactly what they need and what is best for THEM. Thanks Jon!"

Michael and Anna Costa



"Selling my condo could not have gone more smoothly – largely thanks to Jon’s diligence and attention from beginning to end. He thinks creatively in order to avoid problems, and when they arise he is prepared to address the issues in a thoughtful and straightforward manner. Selling property is always stressful, but Jon puts some light into the process. I would use him for any transaction, and would highly recommend him to anybody contemplating a real property sale or purchase."

Molly Thurmond


"Bottom line, Jon identified a cash buyer with a 30 day escrow within one week of listing. This he accomplished after two previous realtors failed attempts. Jon and his team did everything he said they would in a caring, timely and professional manner. The process was very smooth and efficient leading to the 30 day close. We were in a phase of life where we were trying to decide whether to relocate from our condo in Santa Barbara to a single level home or relocate back east to be closer to our grandchildren. We were really undecided as to location, timing, personal considerations and challenges. Jon was very emphatic, asked very intelligent questions and made it clear up front that he wanted to help us to first address our concerns before we made any decisions on selling and/or purchasing. He and his staff immediately took action by conducting a complete local analysis of properties we might be interested to include calling on prospective sellers and identifying communities of interest. Once we decided to relocate closer to family Jon "turned on a dime” and found us a highly qualified buyer for our very unique property. We have worked with many realtors over the years but Jon is the best, by far, and we recommend him without reservation. What more could you ask for?"

Chris & Lynda Dennis


"My wife and I listed and sold our house recently with Jon Mahoney. I had known Jon for many years prior but we had not done a real estate transaction together. We have bought and sold 7 homes during my marriage and Jon was by far the best in many categories that were important to both my wife and myself. Most Realtors are able to pull the same research data to come up with pricing based on averages. But, Santa Barbara in particular can have quite a variance above or below what the averages will provide. This variance includes the neighborhood, schools accessibility to services, micro climates, traffic concerns, crime, expansive soil, water runoff and much more... It takes an experienced, seasoned Realtor who knows Santa Barbara thoroughly to make proper adjustments. Jon is that guy. He also has an awesome support staff which is very important with all the nuances involved in a transaction. So many details and paperwork! If your Realtor does not have a support staff, you are not getting the same bang for your buck. Jon is a good listener to needs and desires of both the husband and wife. A husband and wife can have different ideas and Jon knows how to bring them together with a plan that suits both. He is there immediately when needed to deal with any problems or questions and provides solutions on the spot. There is a heck of a lot of paperwork these days and a lot of things that can fall between the cracks that can derail a deal. Jon is on top of everything. No problems, no surprises. My transaction was as smooth as it can get. What may be most important in getting a sale, Jon does a great job listening to the buyers agent and addressing any concerns or needs that they may have. He does an excellent job pointing out attributes of the house that he feels would be important and desirable to each potential buyer. He takes the time to know the product thoroughly and does a great job selling the attributes of the house. He encourages getting all repairs done beforehand as he knows they may become an issue and could be a knock out when that right buyer comes along. When Jon is ready to list, the house will be in top form ensuring that you get top price. He knows when to be aggressive like a bulldog when it is needed but you will also find he is soft hearted, spirited, fun, clever and will turn himself inside out to accommodate any of your needs. He remains interested and concerned even after the close to make sure you are taken care of in the purchase of a new house or finding a rental. He showed up when we were moving, rolled up his sleeves and jumped right in to help even though he was not dressed for the job and had an appointment afterwards. I have been in sales for 35 years. As they say, 20% of the people in sales do 80% of the business. There is a reason for that. It is the most difficult business. I know Jon is in the top percentile of realtors in this town. That takes time and it is earned with hard work, knowledge, and from developing a sterling reputation for being honest and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Jon is the consummate professional. My wife and I cannot say enough about Jon. We recommend him highly! "

 Dave and Carol Wood


"I moved here from the east coast and was keen to buy a property as soon as possible, but also did not want to rush into a house that wasn't right. Jon worked patiently with me; over a period of about a month we probably looked at over 20 properties and, when the house I bought came on the market, Jon was able to get me in to see it that very evening. It was immediately clear that "this was the one" and Jon helped me to get an offer out that night with a short response period. As it happened, my offer was accepted and there were at least two back-up offers on the property. If we hadn't worked so fast, I would not have gotten my house, which I absolutely love. Jon also helped me negotiate the huge amount of paperwork, inspections, etc. that come with buying a house. I feel very fortunate to have been working with a knowledgeable professional such as Jon."

Roberta Rudnick


"Jon was just a delight to work with. After looking at a few places, he just knew what I would or wouldn’t like. He wasn’t out to “make a sale”; he wanted me to be a happy homeowner. Jon was diligent in providing me listings. He was available for showings and made things happen to fit my schedule. I can’t say enough about Jon, he is very honest, fair, trustworthy, and on top of what is happening in the Santa Barbara real estate world. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him to anybody looking for their special home. Cheers Jon! You are truly the best!"

Karen Webb


"Jon Mahoney is a great broker, and got me more for my condo than I expected. I left the area before I was able to finish everything I needed to do to put my house on the market, which complicated this process for me. In addition, I was moving into a new job that was extremely demanding of my time, leaving me with little scope to take care of the many details involved with selling my house. Therefore, I relied on Jon even more than I would have under normal circumstances. He coordinated with contractors and the rest of the homeowners association to finalize details and obtain documents I did not have. He set up showings and open houses and only involved me when he needed my input. Even more, he always had a suggested course of action when there were important decisions to make. However, he was not hands-off. He always made time for me and responded quickly when I had questions about issues and process, and he were honest with me at every step. He also used an extremely efficient and intuitive document management system, which allowed us to respond to offers and counteroffers in nearly real-time, reducing my administrative burden to nearly zero. Given my time and travel constraints, he helped make this entire process much less demanding of my time and much less stressful than I expected it to be. For a variety of reasons, selling this unit was challenging. He was incredibly persistent, and despite several setbacks you managed to generate several full-price offers. In the end, the unit sold for only $4000 below full asking price, which was much more than I expected to receive. I am certain that his skills as a salesman and negotiator, his knowledge of the market, and his determination are responsible for selling my unit for full price. I honestly don’t know how he did it, but I’m glad he did. And through all of this, I enjoyed working with him. In short, I was extremely satisfied with the service Jon and his team provided. I would strongly recommend Jon to anyone buying or selling property in the Santa Barbara area. I can’t imagine that there is anyone out there who does it better."

Benjamin Ruttenberg


"It’s hard to describe how valuable Jon Mahoney was during the sale of my home, but I will try… Jon has a unique style that I enjoyed, which I would call “part-bravado” and “part-paternal guidance.” He can be patient and helpful, but he can also give an honest opinion that is easy to accept. I have never questioned whether Jon had my best interest at heart - I knew he did. Jon is talented in all areas in Real Estate and Finance, but his best resources are saved for negotiations; he is amply qualified in that area. I was impressed. I highly recommend Jon Mahoney for his unusual combination of ethics and attention to details. Jon is my hero!"

Charlotte Miserlis


"Without a doubt, Jon Mahoney is the best Realtor in town! We interviewed a number of other Realtors and he stood out amongst his peers. Jon worked his magic and sold our home in 10 days! His exceptionally knowledgeable, due diligence and hard work ethic comforted us throughout the entire process. He even interviewed a Realtor in the State we planned to move to and helped us find the home of our dreams. Thanks for all of your help. We couldn’t’ have done it without you."

Annelie & James Russell


"I’ve been working with Jon for the past ten years, doing remodels and development projects. I’ve been in the business of real estate development for over 25 years, yet I have never come across another Realtor that puts in as much time and effort and who brings such vast knowledge to the table. In addition to his Real Estate expertise, Jon aids me by showing up at development projects every day, providing excellent advice on property layouts, floor plans and recommendations for development. He’s not just a Realtor, he’s an integral part of my development team, and handles a myriad of issues above and beyond enabling me to obtain top dollar on all of my projects. I highly recommend Jon and I would never consider using any other Realtor."

Geoffrey Rockwell


"In Santa Barbara's unstable real estate market, selling or buying a home can be complicated, time-consuming and unpredictable. However, with Jon Mahoney as our agent, we felt completely at ease. His experience and extensive knowledge in the business, along with his attention to detail and commitment to defending our interests, resulted in the extremely satisfactory sale of our home. We highly recommend Jon Mahoney for all of your real estate needs."

Andy & Tori Johnson


"Jon helped me become truly independent. The purchase of this new house meant so much to me and my girls, and in the beginning, it seemed difficult to make all the transactions. The biggest drawback was that I was extremely busy and could not spend much time in the process. Well, Jon pretty much took care of it all. Buying or selling a house is a very time consuming job for anyone and a nerve lacking process from time to time. Jon made it so easy for me and the girls that we actually got everything we wanted in the end. I will most likely be selling my house in seven years because I will not need such a big house for myself when the girls are out of the house. Whom will I ask to help me sell? I will not think about twice. Jon will be my agent every time I need a realtor from this point on. He’s better take care of himself and be around for a long time to help many of us out for our real estate needs."

Ichiko Kido


"Jon helped me buy my condo. Working with him was great. His extensive knowledge of the Santa Barbara market helped me get a great deal. He is a true professional who takes his job very seriously. I simply told him what I was looking for and he went out and found it for me. I did not have to wait around for the right opportunity. He made the opportunity happen for me. I was very impressed with that and I continued to be impressed by Jon."

Shoham Adizes


" I have owned real estate from Los Angeles to San Louis Obispo County and have used several realtors throughout the years. By far, Jon and his team have surpassed my expectations for real estate agents, and have made my life simpler in the process. I was contemplating selling my hundred year old house but was unsure, do to the amount of work and money that I know is necessary for a successful sale. Jon impressed me with his knowledge and skills and we moved forward. Jon is easy to talk to, tech-savvy, and will answer his phone at any hour. Jon made what could have been a complicated and stressful experience, to a simple and strait forward transaction. It was my first time working with Jon and will certainly not be my last. I highly recommend him."

Pat Horibe


"Jon Mahoney recently helped me close a complicated real estate transaction in Santa Barbara. As a Santa Barbara native, I value that Jon is an agent who not only understands our unique city, but also has made all the local connections to get things done quickly and efficiently. As a local business owner, I appreciate that Jon is a dedicated professional with the intellect, desire and determination to make the most complex real estate transaction a complete success. I highly recommend and I truly look forward to working with Jon again in the near future."

Andre N. Manoux



Santa Barbara, CA


"We are so thankful that we took the recommendations of our friends and decided to work with Jon. Despite the incredibly tough market, he got our house sold within three weeks of listing it! But he worked his real magic getting us into our new home.

The home we've purchased was the dream house that we kept eyeing but knew we couldn't afford. When we got the update from Jon one morning that the price had dropped dramatically, we knew we had to act fast. Jon presented our offer, and got it accepted that day over two others! How? The home was a short sale, which can be challenging. The seller, also a realtor, knew Jon and trusted that if anyone could get the bank to accept their offer, it would be Jon. Everyone was impressed by Jon's knowledge of short sales and his proposals for how to make the deal go smoothly.

In the end, Jon convinced the bank to accept our offer within weeks (short sales can often take months!), and got us a better deal than we could ever have hoped for. The house is beyond a perfect fit for our growing family, and we're incredibly grateful for how it all came together.

These are just the highlights of our story; there were so many ways in which Jon helped us, supported us, and went to bat for us. Jon has already helped some of our friends get into another great home, and we couldn't recommend him more highly!"

Chris and Jess McCormick



"Jon Mahoney- The "BEST MAN" in Real Estate

The year was 2009 and boy was it busy! In the midst of planning our wedding my husband-to-be took a position in Santa Barbara and we needed to find a home!. It was our great fortune to meet Jon Mahoney! His level of service and professional commitment was unparalleled. He took us on a personal tour of all the different neighborhoods, showed us a wide variety of homes in different price ranges, and even showed us where to get a great Italian meal. He patiently answered all our questions, took every phone call, and never left our side through the challenging economic crisis of '08-09. His professional stance and unswerving focus helped steady our nerves as we juggled wedding invitations and mortgage applications. 

Not only did he get us our house, he got us an AMAZING house that was perfect in every way for us. He knew how to help us because he took the time to get to know us and understand our needs.   Although John wasn't the best man at our wedding (Randy already had one picked out or he may have been!) he was, and is, the "BEST MAN" in real estate, for Santa Barbara."

Drs. Randy and Tara Torralva


"My wife and I had found a house we thought would be perfect for us, but the price was a little out of range. I wanted a bulldog of a realtor to make it work for us, and Jon was the man I needed. He negotiated tirelessly for us and worked a creative arrangement that allowed us to get the house. Jon brought his years of experience and his network of contacts to the table, which was key. In this case it seems like a "rich get richer" situation; the more experienced realtors get more deals, but it truly works to your advantage to have the most-connected realtor. Jon brought us through the experience of first-time home ownership, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy."

Jesse & Kerry Small


"Jon exemplifies the true meaning of professionalism. He is quite knowledgeable on the market and all the aspects of how to assist clients with difficult transactions. Jon is not only a great realtor but he also assists clients with a one stop show experience. His sale group is more of an advisory role which include secondary real estate related services. This process assists and educate his clients to allow them to have full confidence in his ability in accomplishing his clients goals. When I think of Southern California Real Estate, Jon Mahoney is the most qualified realtor who comes to mind!"

Dan Maza

Miami, Florida


"Jon is very personable and trustworthy. He has excellent work ethics and treat people with high respect and dignity."

Evelyn Rainbolt


"Jon is an expert the the real estate world. He has a great reputation and knows how to get things done. He will be my agent again when we buy our next home here in Santa Barbara. I highly recommend him."

Jeff Atlas


"Jon exemplifies true professionalism in dress, manner, and knowledge of his field. He listens and cares enough to hear what your needs are for a future home and works tirelessly to find properties that meet your specifications. He is also very friendly, courteous, and expresses his appreciation for your business by remaining in touch through various medias. I highly recommend him."

Narlene Capron


"I found Jon to be extremely innovative, resourceful, and to have an intensity in how he approaches his work that drives results. Highly recommend."

Tim Cotter



"Jon Mahoney is foremost my friend but also a trusted business partner and Real Estate advisor. We met through his brothers Shawn and Michael Mahoney here in Santa Barbara 19 years ago. All these years I can say this; He goes the extra mile, worked as both as a buyers agent and or listed and sold many properties for sale. He is not afraid to do the hard work. This means he's an experienced capable and friendly bulldog. If he's representing you as a buyer then you'll need his skills to negotiate a price reduction and other terms. If he is listing your property for sale then you'll need him to get every cent possible and again watch out on your behalf in the terms. Real Estate is a Professional Career and not a hobby. There are hundreds if not thousands of people that claim to be a realtor in this town. Jon is one of the few that is accomplished, succeeded, and continues to represent the best of the best."

Craig Saling


"Jon is the agent you want working for you. He hustled for us like no other agent. We found him to be honest, knowledgeable and loyal,  During any moments of stress, he quickly and considerately with an endearing sense of humor dispelled our anxiety.  Professionally and  efficiently all details in prefer order  making our transaction as simple as possible.  

Want a reference?.

We highly recommend Jon Mahoney."

Allan and Joyce Anderson


"I'm not sure there is a better real-estate agent than Jon Mahoney. He has handled my transactions with extreme professionalism and was always looking out for my best interest, every step of the way. I have used him on multiple occasions and there is no such thing as mission impossible in regards to making your real estate dreams come true. In fact, on my most recent purchase, he spent just over 18 months, finding us the home of our dreams and negotiating an unheard of deal. He comes highly recommended and we would never use anyone else."

Kevin & Cristina Vogel


"Like a lot of homebuyers, I was looking for more than just an investment and shelter out of my purchase. Working with Jon Mahoney allowed me to turn buying a condominium and remodeling it for my own use into a total quality of life upgrade that took me at least three steps beyond anything I had been able to achieve in the past. Right from the beginning I could tell that we were on the same wavelength. As we visited the various properties that I was interested in, Jon and I carried on a lively conversation that took in every aspect of what living in that particular location would mean to me. We didn’t always agree, but when it came to narrowing the field down to a primary target, the open and informative process made things easy.

If anything, Jon’s performance after the offer was in was even more impressive. At a time when I would have been content to receive an acceptance, Jon was still able to negotiate more favorable terms. In the end, Jon saved me tens of thousands on what was already a reasonably priced home.

As an advisor to my remodel, Jon continued to work on my behalf, and shared with me his network of top experts in construction, design, and interior decoration. Just ten weeks of work and my totally remodeled condominium was ready for me to move in. Jon Mahoney not only found me a great property, he also helped me to make that property into what I wanted. I am where I want to be today thanks to Jon."

Charles Donelan


"During our 20+ years of buying and selling income properties, we’re very glad to have met Jon, through whom we purchased our second home in Santa Barbara. He is a “super”-Professional! We feel very confident about recommending Jon to our friends and business associates for solid answers to questions about the real estate sales and purchases, market trends, changes in mortgage lending and the ever-changing real-estate-related tax regulations."

Sam and Maria Eriz


"Jon is truly amazing, and I can't say enough about his ability to communicate with his clients, and his ability to negotiate on his clients' behalf. He is my real-estate representative for life, and I strongly recommend him."

Craig Harris


"Jon is one of the most informed and educated Real Estate professionals that I know. He has a very broad understanding that can only come from years in the real estate industry. I have always found Jon to be honest and committed to his clients. What truly sets him apart from others in his industry is that he cares and is honest he will always do the best job possible. I recommend Jon to anyone who is looking for a PROFESSIONAL who cares and has integrity."

Susie Weslander


"I first met John when we walked into an open house he was hosting. My wife and I had just got married and we were looking for our first house. John was great and really helped us throughout the process, as we were quite nervouse and pretty naive at the time. John not only educated us on the whole process, but he was a great listener and knew exactly what we were looking for. He quickly became more than our real estate agent, but rather a very good friend. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking to purchase or sell a house...whether that be your first one or an upgrade. He is knowledgeable.honest and will truly give you his all to ensure you are happy with your new home!"

Hosein Sarrafan


"As someone who has known and worked with Jon for many years I can say he is a true real estate professional. While in the title industry I had many opportunities to handle Jon's business and experienced how dedicated he is to his clients and their goals."

Michael Neville


"Dedicated, driven and knowledgeable. would hire him again, he would be my first choice."

Murat Okcuoglu


"Jon represented us in the sale of a house and in the purchase of a house. In both transactions we were incredibly well served. Jon has a keen sense of the market, is creative and is absolutely diligent in achieving his client's goals."

Marty and Deborah Lynch


"We have had the good fortune of having Jon Mahoney facilitate the task of both the purchase of three homes here in Santa Barbara, and the sale of our second home this past year. Ten years ago we first started looking in Santa Barbara to purchase the first home. Jon had the patience of a saint to show us every nook and cranny of Santa Barbara until we found one that suited our needs. It was our first home purchase as we previously built our homes, and we were novices with the purchase procedure. We were so impressed with his professional demeanor expertise, and kind hearted character. Once we found the home, Jon stealthily assessed the asking price, to purchase value price point, to come up with the “sweet spot” that we should pay. He assisted with creative financing, and completed his assistance all the way through the close of escrow.

Our second purchase was in ’05 and Jon was invaluable with his help to find the right property to meet different needs and in a very low housing/ inventory environment. Again we found the perfect house with Jon’s extensive knowledge of various areas of Santa Barbara. (It helps that Jon went to high school here as well as is a UCSB graduate). Jon proceeded to professionally interface with the owner’s realtor to get us the best negotiated price for the property.

This past year we decided to sell our second home to take advantage of the current real estate market milieu; value and price points. Of course I would not think about procuring any other real estate agent but Jon Mahoney having had two excellent successful purchase experiences with him. He found the exact house we were looking for in a snap, and then proceeded to market our house. ( Jon surprised me in that he has an intricate knowledge of interior design and space to best present your home for marketing). Promptly our house was professionally marketed; photographed and advertised. Anyone knows who has purchased a home proceeded with renovations while still awaiting the sale of your previous home knows this can be a daunting stressful experience. Jon was holding open house when a prospective buyer came through, and she ended up being the new owner. Naturally Jon facilitated closing the sale.

Unequivocally I would never consider any other realtor in Santa Barbara. Jon’s expertise, commitment to his profession, and knowledge of Santa Barbara are definitely unsurpassed and he is the ONLY realtor I would ever consider recommending."

Patsy Craffey


"There are so many realtors in Santa Barbara that can sell your home or help you buy one, but none come close to the professionalism and integrity that Jon Mahoney has. From the moment you meet him, you feel his main priority is you. Somehow he can tell exactly what YOU want and where you stand. He will lock on with that drive and determination until he has found what works best for you. Jon makes an emotional and sometimes overwelming undertaking seem so much easier. You know you can put your trust in him and have the confidence that he can handle it all. We will always recommend Jon not only for his hard work and knowledge but also because he is a decent, honest man."

John & Page Byars


"Working with Jon Mahoney was quiet an experience! He was very friendly, professional, and ethical. The process of selling our house would’ve not been the same if it hadn’t been for him. Jon made everything much easier and understandable, he was available whenever we needed him, even if it was just for a simple question. He earned our trust with his honesty and kindness! We have no doubts in recommending him because we are sure he would try his best to make his clientele happy!"

The Lopez Family!


"Jon Mahoney was a God sent …. In a very difficult time in our lives, my husband and I had to make a big decision on selling our home of 27 years…. In a home where our son was born and died. We knew it was time to move on with our lives but somehow could not move forward. That’s where Jon came in and guided us to make the right decision without pressure, only wanting the best for us. With Jon’s expertise, in Real Estate and Financial Planning, along with his team, made the whole experience run so smooth. If we were concerned about something, … Jon would say, “let me worry about that”, and somehow you trusted him to do exactly that.

As for the future, we will use Jon for our next purchase and any Financial Planning, because we can put our trust in him to handle all our real estate needs. You can count on Jon to do what is best for his clients. Jon is # 1 in our Book!!"

Rudy & Mona Gomez


"Using Jon Mahoney as our realtor was the best decision we made when we made our first home purchase. He de-coded every part of the process, guided us through every step, was patient and attentive to our needs, and fought for us and our best interest at every turn. He puts the FULL in full-service. Jon has gone above and beyond what we ever imagined a realtor would do, from assisting with re-financing to offering support with re-appraisal. Jon is reliable, diligent, hard-working, available, extremely knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Bottom line, you want Jon in your court, and working for you. He's the best."

Brian & Kacy Yardley


"If you work with Jon Mahoney, get ready to make a friend. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, my husband and I were very familiar with all Santa Barbara Real Estate and Goleta Real Estate and therefore we were intent on visiting homes in all neighborhoods before making our final decision. Without hesitation, Jon took on the challenge to show us a wide variety of homes. We visited more than 50 homes after work, on weekends, and whenever it was convenient for our schedules - Jon made himself available.

Ultimately he helped us find the one and now, three years later we can always count on Jon stopping by with his signature baked treats during the holidays."

Theresa and Juan Huerta


"Thanks Jon for selling my house so fast in this incredibly tough market!  Can't believe how well you negotiated the deal and worked so hard to get the process completed on such a tight schedule.  I doubt many agents in the city could have done the same.  If I ever buy or sell a house again, I hope to have you in my corner!  

 Thanks again!"

Dr. Duard Enoch III


"We first met Jon Mahoney at an open house in 2005. We had a dream of home ownership in Santa Barbara but with specific expectations on a budget! He told us then he didn't care how long it took; he would help us to realize that dream. True to his word he kept in contact over the next four years. He would send updates on market trends and details on homes we might like. When the market took a downturn we knew it was time to act but we still wanted a house with the "wow" factor. Jon found us that house and negotiated a great price. He then helped us to obtain financing in a tough credit market and introduced us to a contractor who added those special touches to our new home at a reasonable price.

Jon exceeded our every expectation. He patiently worked with us for over four years. Due to his efforts we are now the proud owners of a home on the Riviera with the terrific view we  wanted."

Dr. Gaylord and Madeline Brown


"Jon Mahoney has helped make our dream come true: a Santa Barbara beach house near our children and grandchildren. As residents of Monterey we were toying with the idea of purchasing a second property, and beach homes with full ocean views come across only “once in a blue moon.” A small house was going to be listed after Christmas of this past year. Multiple offers were placed on this house, but Jon acted quickly to write and present an offer immediately. Although he had out of town family visiting for the holidays, he met with us on Christmas Day and set the transaction in motion. His many contacts and his respect in the real estate community gave him the ability to have our offer presented and accepted within 2 days. Truly a miracle, given the desirability of this little gem. He helped us arrange for financing at once—again a miracle in these tough times. The rate was extremely desirable and the entire transaction was completed in record time, much to the delight of the sellers. He has spent many hours going over every detail with us and advising us not only on the transaction, but the remodel that we are planning. His ideas are invaluable. Jon is not only our Santa Barbara Real Estate Professional, but our friend for life. We highly recommend him to find the right property, at the right price, and complete a no-hassle transaction."

Nick and Aline Harris


"Jon- thank you for "jumping through hoops" to help us take the next step in our life!

Buying and selling a home in the same year in Santa Barbara takes patience, knowledge and a partnership with a professional who works full time to look after your best interests. Jon was dedicated to tirelessly showing our home, negotiating offers at all hours of the day, and navigating a changing real estate market.

We couldn't have done it without you!"

Gary and Sheri Griffiths


"Buying or selling a home can be overwhelming.  Having a capable agent who can successfully and efficiently navigate you through this process is imperative. Jon Mahoney is not only a highly competent and knowledgeable representative; he is a caring individual, committed to serving your best interests and insuring you are confident in your real estate decisions.  Jon made buying our first home such a positive and stress-free experience, when we recently began looking again we didn’t hesitate to give him a call.  He helped locate the perfect home for our family and his dogged negotiations allowed us to get a deal we never imagined possible.  His experience allows him to make the inspection and escrow process as effortless as possible, anticipating potential problems and dealing with them before you even know there is a problem.

I would encourage anyone thinking about buying or selling a home to call Jon Mahoney.  His dedication and loyalty to us as clients, has grown into a lasting and cherished friendship and we will forever be grateful for his help in making a dream of ours, a reality."

The Purdys


"Dear Jon,

Sandy & I want to thank you for working with us for the past two years. First helping us sell our condominium in Santa Barbara. You were very diligent and kept in touch with us so we knew how it was going. It was rough because of the economy and the large assessment that was asked by the Board but you found someone who wanted the place and sold it quickly with a two week escrow. Who ever heard of such a thing!

Then this past year when we decided we wanted another beach property and I called you, you went to bat for us again. I called in July and by August    after 4 weeks we not only found a place in Oxnard but went through Escrow. You were there when we needed to speak to you and you tried to help us with our loan as well. We couldn't have asked for a more trustworthy and competent realtor to help us.

We are very happy with our new beach townhouse and community and know we will spend many years there in complete content.

Thank you for your diligence, sense of humor, and just being you."

Sincerely yours,

Ricki & Sandy Bergman


"Jon Mahoney’s name came to my attention this past summer while on a week-end retreat with my church. One of our financial leaders, Allan Anderson, was sitting with us on a park bench and upon hearing my long term plans to consider a home purchase in summer 2008, he couldn’t say enough about one of our church members, Jon Mahoney, realtor for Coldwell Banker. Because of Allan’s enthusiasm, I knew Jon was a person I would eventually contact. Not necessary. By Monday morning, I had received a follow-up “introduction” call from Jon. Although we played the usual phone tag with our busy schedules, all my phone messages were promptly returned .

I truly believe I could not have been put into better, more competent hands. He is a go-getter. Upon first meeting Jon, I knew he had all his ducks in a row and my intuition told me that through all of Santa Barbara’s networking, he was the man to know. Let’s just say, my one year plan turned into an afternoon, with my fiance, Rick and I sitting in Jon’s office writing a contract. My knowledge of previous home buying was limited, and literally with my consent, Jon took over the reins. I felt like my best interest was Jon’s number one priority of his day. He led me to stellar financing, and reputable first class resources along the way that helped all the necessities run smoothly. Not only has he been there for us through all our closing details, and deadlines and confusing paperwork, but Jon is someone I would not only be proud and confident to refer to all my friends, but also to anyone coming to town who is looking for THE BEST. He is a take-charge kind of man, knowledgable in every detail and wants the best deal for YOU."

Susan Moore


"While Jon was helping us looking for an investment property, our needs changed. Jon’s flexibility enabled us to find our new home much quicker than we expected.

Thank you for your fast and professional service!"

Monika and Bert Linau



"Jon Mahoney is not just our realtor but he also became our friend. He made the whole buying process a simple process and was a real professional. He found us the perfect home in our desired neighborhood and negotiated the best price that was in line with our budget. We are very happy that we found Jon and he was the right person to help us in accomplishing our goals. We recommend Jon to our friends because he knows the Santa Barbara market very well. If you ever need help finding the perfect property for your family, you should definitely seek out Jon Mahoney."

Eddie & Marti Allanis


"It has been my personal experience that the vast majority of realtors can be placed into one of three categories. We have those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who are completely oblivious to that which is happening. I have coined Jon Mahoney the “Miracle Man”. He is a mover, a doer; one of those unique individuals. I feel it is Jon's unparalleled work ethic, profound knowledge, and amiable nature that enable him to make ones dreams become reality. Jon offers an invaluable service as a realtor and financial advisor as he is always willing to sit down with me at length to discuss the big picture. Despite his popularity as a realtor I never get the feeling that he is too busy for me. In fact, I feel like I am his most valued client, which interestingly is the feeling of a few other clients I have had the pleasure to meet. 

If you're in the market to buy or sell, or merely desire to speak with an individual of vast knowledge in regard to market trends or maybe establish a personalized financial plan may I recommend that you be kind to yourself by giving Jon Mahoney an opportunity to change your life as he has mine."

Mark Jamali


"Jon is a very driving Realtor who is determined to get the best results for his Clients."

Sherry Moore


"Jon Mahoney represented me when I wanted to sell my condo in Santa Barbara, recently. I was completely happy with the services he provided. My property was staged beautifully and his understanding of the local real estate market meant that he priced the property initially so that it would attract multiple buyers. As a result, my condo sold the first day and for more than the list price. He made everything go very smoothly with the escrow process, even when I was out of the country and had to do everything by email. He clearly explained all the steps involved and what I could expect. Jon has a warm engaging personality and was highly responsive to my questions. I thoroughly recommend Jon and would not hesitate to engage him in any future real estate transactions I might have."

Kevin Farrell


"Jon has worked for us on four occasions and each time his integrity, knowledge and helpfulness has impressed us. I would highly recommend Jon and would certainly use his services in Santa Barbara and neighborhood"

PK Purkayastha